Art/Prop/Set Design and Set Dressing

All of the sets in our studios were built by Kevin Flint and his awesome crew.

We can custom build a set for your shoot for less than you’d expect. We can also make a wide variety of shoot ready props, furnishings and other items. We can set dress everything from a suburban apartment to a corporate office to a scifi spaceship to a mad scientist’s laboratory to a crazy night club to a post-apocalypse fallout shelter.

A small sample of our sets:

zIMG_1350 zIMG_1403 z gas mask door z cabinets z fallout vault door z bomb shelter upstairs bench kitchen aIMG_1312 smaIMG_9875 smaIMG_9901 smaIMG_9890 smaIMG_9885 a desk area space under stairssteampunk rentals

1. Copper Steampunk Vault door  2. Different doors   3.Fallout shelter interior   4.Different SciFi furnishings  5.Fallout Vault Door  6.Speakeasy door   7.Bondage Bench   8.Awesome kitchen   9.Fallout Vault door in action  10.Faux brick wall   11.Faux wood shack   12. Industrial wall   13.Faux Barn Door   14.DJ booth and club set   15.Sapce under the stairs  16.Prop Sci Fi weapons

Call 310-503-2365 or email with what you would like, and we’ll get you a quote.


Functional Awesome

Love the art and custom functional appliances in Dystopian Studios I? Head on over to our Etsy store to see the full line-up of totally awesome and fully functional Apocalypse Chic art and design.

dreadnoughtpsd-3inch-gifvat41psd-3-inch-gif dystopia37psd-3inch-gif bluesteelepdf-3inch-gif


Fine Art

And check out the fine art of Dystopian Studios’ Kevin Flint

kevinflint_22_ kevinflint_23_ kevinflint_17_ kevinflint_20_wall of art

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