Camera/ Lighting/ Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rental is for In-Studio Use Only. No outside rentals.

Shoot assistants:

  • Lighting/grip assistant    $20/hour (2 hour minimum)
  • Clean up/set-up assistant      $15/hour 
  • Basic Photographer Services     $40/hour (does not include any post production work)


  • Einstein (Paul C Buff) 640 ws electronic strobes. Includes wireless triggers.   $15 each/shoot.  3 strobes for $35/shoot. 4 strobes for $45/shoot

    strobe lighting rentals zoom h4n rentals los angeles canon 6d camera rental los angeles seamless paper selection

Strobe Modifiers  (Included with strobe rental)

  • PLM 64” silver umbrella (incl. optional diffuser attachment)
  • PLM 64” white umbrella (incl. optional diffuser attachment)
  • 22” beauty dish with white diffusion sock
  • 32″ x 40″ Softbox (2)
  • 80 degreee, 40 degree reflectors
  • Large variety of honeycomb grids (10 degree-75 degree)
  • White shovel background reflector
  • Barn Doors
  • Directional snoot

Continuous lights

  • 4 light LED Continuous lighting package (Fovitec 1200, 900, 2×600)       $35/shoot


  • Canon 6D      $50/shoot (includes 1 lens)
  • Canon 7D      $35/shoot  (includes 1 lens)
  • Pentax K20D with 18-135mm(f3.5) lens  $15/shoot

Canon Lenses:

  • Canon L-Series 24-105mm(f4) lens   $10/shoot
  • Canon 50mm(f1.4) lens      $10/shoot

Other (seamless, projector, etc)

  • 10’ high x 9’ wide backdrop holder       free
  • 9’ seamless paper rolls       $10/pull
  • Adjustable pistol grip professional tripod    $10/day
  • Professional tripod dolly system     $10/day
  • Epson Projector (Studio I only)    $15/day

Props, special backgrounds, special furnishings

  • Bed, mattress (Studio I, no bedding included)      $25
  •  Exercise bike/weight bench {Studio I)   $20/each

Audio Gear:

  • Zoom H4n Handy Digital Recorder + RC-4 Remote + 16GB + HP10   $30/day


Call or Text (310) 503-2365 or email to make your booking

 Dystopian Studios 1 at the Brewery Arts Complex

Dystopian Studios 2 at Big Art Labs


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