Green Screen Rental Studios in Los Angeles


Both Dystopian Studios I and Dystopian Studios II are green screen ready for you. We also have a large selection of seamless papers that can be used on our green screen holders.

Dystopian Studios I green screen

  • 45 foot back away from green screen
  • 9′ green screen holder can reach up to 16′
  • Closed studio environment is great for sound recording with video (nothing excessively loud please)
  • Loft allows for down angled shooting on screen
  • 400# capacity hoist allows for aerial shots in front of green screen (great for trapeze, silks, superheroes/flying effects, suspension)

Dystopian Studios II

  • 30 foot back away from green screen
  • 12′ wide by 14′ high green screen lets you get more in the shot
  • Ample space on sides of green screen to set up lighting
  • Audio recording best late nights, as there is often outside sound interference during the day. However, we do not recommend Studio II if quality audio is required as outside noise can never be guaranteed.
  • Great for music videos or other video work that will have audio recorded over
  • 10′ rolling staircase allows for all angles of aerial shots

Green screens (and other seamless) are just an additional $10 per pull per shoot.

seamless paper selection

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